Los Angeles Best Rehab at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is a luxury rehab center situated in Los Angeles County, providing you the best holistic treatment to get rid of your drug dependencies. The center provides a peaceful and secluded atmosphere where you can relax and improve your health. Your journey of improved health and recovery begins with your own private detox unit, which delivers you the serene view of sandy coasts and Pacific waters. Passages Malibu is situated over 15 acres of land, offering you various splendid settings to enjoy during treatment.

Healthcare Global ranked Passages Malibu as the number one rehab center in the whole world, whereas Forbes voted it as one of the most luxurious places for rehab treatment. Passages Malibu accommodates its elite clientele with lavish and finest of the services. The clients are provided with fitness centers, tennis courts, boating docks, and other facilities to adopt better and healthy lifestyle with lively and exciting activities.

Apart from these recreational and luxurious facilities, Passages Malibu also provides the best specialists and doctors for your addiction treatment who cater to your needs and design a custom treatment specifically for you. Forget about the embarrassing group settings or AA meetings, you will benefit a great deal from the one-on-one therapy sessions, over 60 hours per month, with our professionals. The counselors, medical professionals, and therapists at Passages Malibu are always ready to aid you with your situation to enable you in finding personal satisfaction and help you relax, along with achieving sobriety.

It does not matter at which point addiction has led you to or how worse the situation is, our team of professionals will find a way and help you to rebuild your identity while detoxing you from your drug dependencies. Whenever you are ready to commit to a better way of life, please give us a call to benefit from our splendid personalized all-natural drug treatment.

Meet Chris and Pax Prentiss, Our Founders

Passages Malibu is the result and establishment of the undying bond of love between a father and a son. When Pax confessed to his father Chris of being severely addicted to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, the two men embarked on a journey of discovery and sobriety which would eventually bring them even closer. When the typical addiction treatments failed to help, Pax and Chris started searching for rare holistic treatments which would later lead them to establish their own rehab center, Passages Malibu, in 2001.

Passages Malibu does not offer conventional rehab treatments and instead focus on eliminating negativity and encouraging positivity. Instead of reaching to the core of the situation, other rehab centers made Pax feel guilty and extended his suffering by labeling him as an addict and making him feel helpless. However, Passages Malibu has a much broader philosophy and believes in strengthening your mind and body to overcome your addiction.

Chris and Pax established Passages Malibu to help people find a safe and alternative solution to 12-step programs and disconcerting AA meetings. They have first handedly experienced the negative aspects of other rehab approaches and have a better understanding of how addiction takes its toll on a person. If you are looking for a treatment which is free of any negative stereotypes or toxic chemicals and offers you best of the facilities, then come to Passages Malibu to experience the personalized holistic treatments to help you get rid of your addiction.