Where is Passages Malibu Located?

Passages Malibu is situated in the sunny city of the California state. Stretching over 30 miles along the Pacific and Highway One, Malibu has accomplished almost a mythological status among the beach towns of California. Hollywood stars and famous top athletes live in the oceanfront homes of Malibu, under an exquisite cloak of privacy on long strands of beach, and appreciate the front-row seats for surfing and splendid sunsets. The private and low-key atmosphere is just perfect for recovery and relaxation.

While it might sound quite exclusive, there is a lot of Malibu enchantments for visitors and guests to enjoy. Considered to have the most flawless waves among all beaches, Malibu’s Surfrider Beach, just off the Malibu Pier, was named the first-ever World Surfing Reserve. There’s a sun magnet nearby Zuma Beach for local people and families. In winters, Point Dume, situated at Malibu’s north end, gives a perfect spot to look at grey whales.

The Getty Villa, the original home of the Getty Museum which opened in 1974, centers around Ancient Greek and Roman Art. Among the famous beach masterpieces, the 30 historic surfboards, some going back to the 1910s, on display at the Surf Museum at Pepperdine University’s Payson Library are worth taking a look for the visitors and travelers. The shops at the Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumber Yard are known for wearable cultural art.

Among the food joints, one must not forget to grab a bite at Malibu Farms, the organic cafe, and eatery that sits right on the pier. Or one must enjoy the fresh catches and try the infamous ahi burgers at Malibu Seafood, situated right across the Dan Blocker Beach.

Malibu is not only known for its beaches but also for the mountains.Head inland for a short distance and you can hike through the canyons and hills, surrounded by spring wildflowers and even waterfalls, on the trails in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. For a light and cool hike, take one of the two-hour Malibu Wine Hikes on the landscape of Saddlerock Ranch vineyard; these strolls include stops to see Chumash cave drawings, a wine tasting, and a run-in with a film-star giraffe who starred in Hangover 3.

Are You Ready for Passages Malibu?

So, the question is, are you ready for Passages Malibu? Because these destinations that we mentioned represent a small fraction of what Malibu has on hold for you. Malibu is one of those places where you can be who you are, do whatever you want or not want, or lay on the sandy beaches all day and still feel accomplished for the day. If you are ready to enjoy the exquisite town of Malibu while recovering from the best rehab clinic, then do give us a call and talk to our representative to get details on the treatment.