The Holistic Philosophy of Passages Malibu

For a rehab center to truly excel and provide best to its clientele, it is necessary that it is operated upon strong principles to guide it through and this is why Passages Malibu is best at what it does for resolving addiction. Chris and Pax have had their experiences with the average rehab center and seen how their regard their client, so they wanted to do something different and unique. Passages Malibu treats you with respect, dignity, and patience.

Most of the rehab center are known for unintentionally mistreating their clients, and you may also have gone through such an experience. It’s not the people; it’s the structure of the organization where the problem lies. Most of the organizations label their clients as “addicts” suffering from a “disease”, hence promoting negativity in their clients and making them feel helpless. It doesn’t matter whether it is a hospital emergency room, an AA meeting or a 12-step program, medical staff, usually look down upon the individuals suffering from any addiction.

At Passages Malibu we believe that addiction is not a sickness and hence it does not require any healing. Instead, we view addiction as a part of your character which can be reformed using helpful activities and organic means. Rather than filling up your body with toxic chemicals or making you sit through embarrassing AA meeting, Passages Malibu employs holistic treatments and natural supplementation’s to help regain your footing and make the best of your health and life.

The Four Main Causes of Addiction

Addiction can’t simply be labeled as a disease; there are rather quite complex reasons behind it. The staff at Passages Malibu is well-trained to understand your situation and get to the core of your addiction so that you can realize what the factors that led to your addiction and help you in dealing with them are. Once the underlying factors have been identified, they can be properly addressed, and you will be able to learn various techniques and skills to fight against any cravings and dependencies to get a better hold of yourself and eventually stop altogether.

Once you are ready to dive into self-discovery and start being honest with yourself, you will realize that at least one of the four main causes are a reason for your addiction:

  1. Chemical Imbalance
  2. Unresolved events from the past
  3. Inability to cope with current conditions
  4. Beliefs you hold which are not true