Passages Malibu: California’s Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Centre

We realize that addictions can be of various sorts, can happen in some ways and there can be some underlying factors. Addiction can happen to some individuals even when they are taking their prescription drugs in the same amount as advised, and in some cases, the individuals get addicted to illicit substances without even realizing the graveness of the situation. Regardless of what you are addicted to or how you became addicted, Passages Malibu has every resource, equipment, and professionals required to deal with your case and help you get rid of addiction from any substances:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcohol
  • “Over-the-counter” drugs
  • Prescription drugs

Our Holistic Detox Process

Our detox process is specifically designed to relax you and keep you at ease while helping you mentally and physically to get rid of your addiction. When you first arrive at Passages Malibu for treatment, a team of trained nurses will use various progressive diagnostic measures to determine your situation and decide upon the most suitable holistic therapies according to the degree of your addiction.

While you are being safely detoxed, our team of experts and specialists will design a custom treatment for you based on your strengths and weaknesses. Passages Malibu will never restrict or stop you from meeting your family or friends during treatment. Instead, we always encourage to keep in contact for positive measures.

At Passages Malibu we believe that rehabilitation should not feel like a punishment and instead, it should be rewarding. While you are being treated, you will be provided with various facilities and services, and there will be nurses available 24 hours to offer you comfort and luxury. Your personalized treatment program is not only crafted to rehabilitate you physically but also to help you reach to the core cause of your addiction and treat you mentally so that you can get rid of the cause forever and maintain your sobriety.

Passages Malibu does not believe in treating with toxic drugs which may result in another kind of addiction and instead treat you with natural and organic supplements to completely detoxify your body. We believe that holistic healing, outdoor and lively activities, skill-building exercises, and encouraging conversations are the key to getting rid of addiction and negativity. This is what we have been doing at Passages Malibu since 2001, and this is what we also plan to do in the future.